The Secret To Choosing The Right Bed Frame For A Small Bedroom: Twin Platform Bed

A twin Platform Bed is an ideal solution for a small bedroom. Check this article below to learn more


In each house, choosing the surrounding interior decoration, especially the size of the bed, is not an easy thing.

It would be great if it were a villa, Vinhomes,... or just had a large room area, but if you put yourself in apartment blocks with limited space, finding a twin platform bed to buy meeting many aspects is quite tricky.

Seeing through many people's concerns, the following article will give you the secrets to choosing the right bed frame for a small bedroom.

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Popular platform bed size today

One thing consumers consider before choosing to buy a twin platform bed is the size of the room, or more specifically, the size of the bed you want to have.

Beds are often divided into many types, of which the most common are: Single bed, double bed, bunk bed, children's bed. In each type, there will be the most widely used measurements, for example:

Single bed

The bed is often used for one person, child, or in rooms with an area not too large; the measurement that many people choose is 1m x 1m9 or 1m2 x 1m9.

Double bed

As the type of bed present in almost every house, unlike the compactness of the single bed, the double bed has a slightly larger design, suitable for the number of 2 people. Common measurements are 1m5x 1m9, 1m6 x 2m, 1m8 x 2m and 2m x 2m2.


The type of bed that saves space is quite optimal for families with two children suitable for apartments, customer size or choose 1m9 x 1m6.

Children's beds

This bed model has many similarities with a double bed or a single bed; the only difference we can notice is the color, style, and size, which is the best-selling bed of all time. The estimated numbers are 1m2 x 2m55 beds for 1 child.

Choose to buy a platform bed with storage

Today, there are countless models to meet most of the needs of customers; the manufacturer has launched a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes into the market.

Therefore, choosing to buy a twin size platform bed is too difficult at the moment. They appear everywhere on e-commerce sales pages, brick-and-mortar stores, or at the factory. If you want, you can entirely manually make requirements for the supplier of the goods to own a satisfactory bed.

Bed decoration suitable for small spaces

There are always breakthrough ideas in decorative objects. Believe it or not, the decoration of an item can also change the room.

In rooms that are pretty tight in terms of space with no separation between the rooms, the transformation of the bed is the most specific example. Here are some ways to decorate the bed for a small room you can refer to:

Choose light-colored beds, minimize dark colors, and this will contribute to making your home brighter and airier. Should put the head of the bed close to the corner of the room to help save space in the most maximum way. In addition, instead of choosing a bed with a familiar shape, you should also consider beds with an intelligent design. Integrating accompanying utilities such as bookcases, clothes under the bed ...

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The article that we have given above summarizes the secrets of choosing a bed frame, size, and decoration. Hopefully, the things we have provided will help you make the best choice for yourself.


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