The style of play and the layout of NBA 2K22

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Like NBA 2K21, we will notice some notable differences which show that, even though mt nba 2k22 they offer players the exact same game experience both the current and new games that are available in NBA 2K22 are different games. The menu and game interface on Xbox One (and PS4) is terribly simple, and extends to the selection of teams in the case of improvising games or how modes are distributed.

The style of play and the layout of NBA 2K22 for Xbox Series X and PS5 is entirely different. More visual, with videos running in the background plus more interactive components. Something that applies even to the menus for pauses between games. In a way, if it weren't for the logos, it gives the impression that they are two seasons.

A further interesting distinction is the way of offering experiences that relate to The W and the WNBA in particular, when it's one of most strengthened sections of this season. In the new generation versions, all the options are available in the same spot and accessible through the main menu, whereas in the rest of the versions (including PC and Switch) the features related to women's basketball are scattered among the various segments of the game. Play your own game.

In any case, the W does not consider itself a secondary addition or filler content: although it is not as compelling like the other foundations of the experience Visual Concepts has developed all kinds of sub-modes and options most of which are based on the existing ones, meaning that women's NBA are just as frustrated with licensing and excuses to play on the court. Including a good handful of new game-playable options and individualized items that you can add to My Player.

In the playable and content levels, the new edition in NBA 2K returns with the jobs completed. It is true that Visual Concepts has also known how to breathe fresh life in MI NBA and My Career which are the main modes of the 2K adventure. Experiences designed to keep us obsessed for months, and then return with a vengeance with the purest meaning of buy Nba 2k22 Mt the word this season.