Preparing Your House for Sale - Exterior Space and Kerb Appeal

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Once you have made the choice to sell your home you have to be of the mind-set that your home is not your personal space. It's now a commodity that must be presented at its best in order increase its value to potential buyers. Setting up your home for an open house isn't an eas

Once you have made the choice to sell your home you have to be of the mind-set that your home is not your personal space. It's now a commodity that must be presented at its best in order increase its value to potential buyers in blue world city. Setting up your home for an open house isn't an easy task , especially if you aren't sure what to do or where to begin.

Why bother with moving?

It's important to be aware that the majority of people will make an informed decision within the first sixty seconds of examining properties, so the first impressions do matter. While some people are able to look at a house and imagine living there, others need help to do this. Making your home ready for sale can be the difference in being able to sell your home quickly at the price you want and having to reduce the figure further down the road.

Contrary to what you think that you don't have to spend thousands of pounds to upgrade your home. Just make sure that your home is attractive to the right people so, with a little work and time, and yes you might even spend a small amount of money, you can shortly have your house for sale.

How do I start?

In order to maintain the exterior of your property is something that is not often thought of as a top priority. If you are selling it is essential to make sure that your property's exterior has as much appeal than the interior. You only have one chance to impress prospective buyers so you should make sure that when they walk outside your property, they're impressed with the look of your property. If not it's possible that the chance of selling is lost before they've even made it through to the entrance.

It's the first step!

Begin by examining the competitors. I would recommend that you do this prior to contacting the estate agents since it could alter the price you are asking for. Do you research and see what comparable properties in and close to your location are selling for. Have a look and examine their kerb appeal. Be attentive and take note of any thing that might cause concern to you as a prospective buyer. Take note of what that make the property seem more appealing.

Go back home and make the same gesture to your house and view it, if you like in the eyes of someone else. Pay attention to the small imperfections have been able to pass by each day over the past three months. You simply cannot afford to let them go unnoticed for long. Start with the front of the house. examine the following items:

Presentation- are your roof tile, facia boards, fence and gate, garage door, paving slabs etc. all presented well and in good condition? repair?

CleanlinessAre the windows and doors clean? Are there any paint chips needing attention?

Tidiness Do you think the lawn need mow? Do the hedges have a trim? Are the weeds gone and the gravel was raked?

Clutter Does the area free from rubbish plants, old pots of plant, trash cans and dog hair? Do toys for children or bicycles need being sorted and put away?

Decoration Do you have to replace any window coverings? Is your house numbered? do the doorbells and exterior lights work?

Appeal- Do you have one? Get a modern front door mat if yours is in disarray and give yourself a nice selection of planted plants that can be placed either side of the door and if space allows consider hanging a few baskets.

Then the back

All the rules of 'front of the house' are still in effect, however the garden itself should be considered an extension of your house and you should create an outdoor area that is pleasant and tranquil; the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing time and play with your children or simply entertain friends.This does not mean that you need to hire Ground Force for a total redesign; you just need to highlight its best features.

Privacy from neighbours is a good start. Be sure the fence and the shed are in good condition along with freshly painted. Clean the decking and patio areas thoroughly and remove the moss and weeds. Invest in some new furniture for your patio if the furniture is old and worn out so that guests can be encouraged to sit outside even in warm weather. If there's a water feature or external lighting, make sure that they're in operation before you ask to turn them on. Maintain the lawn and borders by ensuring that any dog waste is picked up and disposed of. Make sure the line for washing is not in use or left in the open. If your borders seem somewhat bare, invest in some potted plants - they will add visual interest and you'll be able to bring them along when you move.