Natural Ingredients That Really Work

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A hair loss product is an area of highly-publicized desperation among women who are no longer satisfied with their current state of baldness.

If you want to know how to make hair grow, you've probably read a lot of conflicting information. You've heard that chemicals are the best way to accomplish this, but they may not be safe for your hair or scalp. Is there really any natural ingredient that can help keep your hair strong and healthy?

In general, we don't know enough about how our hair works to confidently recommend any one product or method to help it grow. Every hair's life cycle varies from person to person. And every person's genetic makeup and type of skin will also play a role in the rate at which your hair grows. So don't assume that just because you've tried this and that and everything else that you're guaranteed to keep your hair looking good.

A hair loss product is an area of highly-publicized desperation among women who are no longer satisfied with their current state of baldness. They feel they have nothing left to lose and are willing to do anything to prevent permanent baldness from occurring. Unfortunately, some of these products are not as "natural" as they first appear to be.

Products that contain the herbal ingredients saw palmetto, nettle root, and Ginkgo biloba, all of which are proven effective at slowing down hair loss and even prevent it altogether, are on the market. Unfortunately, some of the supplements used in these products are contaminated with mercury.

Some herbal extracts, including saw palmetto, work by blocking the enzyme dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which attacks hair follicles and stops them from growing. DHT causes the thinning of hair strands and in its most severe form, baldness. Saw palmetto is a form of chemical known as the sulfur amino acid, and it's available in some health food stores, but it is very costly.

The more popular herbal supplements, however, are herbs that also act as antioxidants. They inhibit the oxidation of free radicals in the body that cause damage to the cells, but that doesn't necessarily mean they can prevent hair loss.

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There is a proven hair growth product that contains a combination of nutrients that are absolutely natural. But the problem is that it takes a little time to see any change. The key is to use the product regularly, and to take it along with an all-natural herbal supplement that contain more than one of the nutrients used.

In some instances, you'll find that the best way to help grow your hair is to simply boost your thyroid gland. Recent studies have revealed that thyroid problems can lead to hair loss, so the search for a way to slow the process has become a priority.

It's been speculated that menopause causes hair loss in women, but there are studies that seem to suggest otherwise. This is because menopause causes women to produce less estrogen and, therefore, have to rely on DHT to grow their hair. So it could be possible that DHT is the culprit, as well.

Isotretinoin, on the other hand, has been proven to cause hair loss in people who take it, so if you've been diagnosed with hair loss due to this condition, be prepared to consult your doctor about taking this pill. It has been seen, however, that when women take isotretinoin for many years, they may grow more hair and their hair growth will return to normal levels.

There is no safe way to prevent hair loss or to stop hair loss once it's begun. Only a product containing natural ingredients can guarantee that you'll retain your hair and that you won't experience problems with your hair or with your hormones.

Even if you're not concerned about baldness or hair loss, you'll still want to make sure you're taking the right nutritional supplements, especially when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Research shows that a wide variety of herbal supplements containing the minerals zinc, manganese, copper, chromium, calcium, magnesium, and iodine have been proven to help prevent hair loss and reverse hair loss.