5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Twin Size Platform Bed

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5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Twin Size Platform Bed

A century ago, couples rarely shared a bed. They would have two twin-size beds rather than sleeping together. Today, this is one of the most popular sizes for singles, young ones, and guest bedrooms. It is because they are not only versatile and flexible, but they are also easy to accessorize. 

Easy To Accessorize

Twin size platform bed frames are quite popular, and this makes it easy to find its accessories. Whether it is duvet covers, bed sheets, comforters, or mattress protectors, they are widely available. With this in mind, you know you can find the accessories in your favorite colors, fabrics, and patterns. They are also available at a wide range of prices, even when you are on a tight budget.

Twin-Size Platform Beds Are Versatile and Flexible

These beds are excellent when space is limited, the bedroom is narrow, or one wants to maximize on space. It is unlike full, king, and queen sizes. They can be placed in different types of rooms and will fit perfectly. Also, they are not only used by children, they are also great for single adults. It makes them ideal for a guest room.

Are Available In Varieties of Styles and Designs

Despite the size being standard, these platform beds are available in varieties of styles and designs. You cannot run out of options whether you prefer Asian designs, sleek, contemporary, or minimalist. Even when you are more into traditional, creative, or bold designs, you will get it. Regardless of the bedroom’s theme or decor, all you need is to do some window shopping. 

Weight Limit Matters

Twin-size platform beds are constructed with a specific weight limit just like other bed sizes. As you purchase one, ask yourself who will be using the bed. Is it for a heavy adult or a teenager? Consider the weight of the user, the mattress, and that of the twin size platform bed frame. For example, if it holds up to 250 pounds, the weight of the mattress and sleeper should not exceed this. Also, its length is 75 inches which might be short for a tall person.

You Can Get Two Twin-Size Beds to Make a King-Size One

Twin-size or single platform beds are ideal for singles or young ones. For a couple, it is uncomfortable sleeping in one. If you have a twin size and there is no space for a king-size one, invest in another twin. You will create one big bed, and each can have a mattress of their choice. This gives each sleeper the widest sleeping area with plenty of comforts. 

Final Words

Just like other bed sizes, twin platform beds have unique factors. Due to their popularity, they have become quite easy to accessorize. Their bedding is widely available and in varieties of options. They are also versatile and flexible, which is great for the users. On the other hand, they have a weight limit, and this may vary from one manufacturer to the other. By joining two twin platform bed frames, you will make one as wide as a king-size.