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Thinking about  selling property  and want to save? So be aware of these tricks to sell a property yourself and create your own sales strategy!

If you have a property you want to put up for sale, most likely you've already thought about saving your realtor's commission and doing the sale yourself.

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But what if you are not a professional in the field?

How to dodge the competition, get a good buyer, face the bureaucracy and not have losses by missing any details?

This is not an easy task.

There is no trick to sell a property fast, only with hard work you can meet the challenge.

With this in mind, we brought 6 tips to sell a property without help and make this job a little easier!

1 - Reduce sales time


Statistics show that a property takes on average between 3 and 6 months to be sold at market price, with specialized sellers,  realtors .

Let's say you've been trying to  sell property  for 6 months, and no buyer appears.

So it's time to speed up this period by lowering the value a little, attracting the public with a good discount - this way you will be creating a difference in relation to the competition and trying to reduce the time the property is idle.

With the property between 5% and 15% below  market  value you will be increasing the chances of it being sold faster.

2 - Signs on the property

board for sale

Don't miss any advertising opportunity - and that “for sale” sign is great to attract interested people who are visiting the place.

Put it in a good size, in a very visible place and with letters that are easy to read even from inside cars.

Don't forget to put at least your e-mail address and cell phone (Whats App) so that you can be found at any time, as many people leave to look for houses after business hours, on weekends and holidays when they are more free.

* Important: Do not exaggerate the signs, this depreciates the property. 

3 - Take good pictures

Photos from various angles

Photograph your property from all angles, taking care so that the photos are of excellent quality and in high definition.

Avoid shadows and distorted images. Photographs are essential for selling a property yourself.

Leave them on your smartphone and computer, because most people only visit a property for sale after seeing - and liking - the photos.

And whoever gets in touch via e-mail or cell phone on the for-sale board will most likely ask you to send the photos before making an appointment.

4 - Have time

Availability to your customers

Always be available. As we said before, many people leave to make contact and visit properties during their spare time and leisure, such as at lunchtime, in the evening after work, or on weekends and holidays.

Therefore, you must always be connected and free to fulfill the request to send some material or document or to visit the site.

Every interested party is a potential buyer and should not be discarded.

5 - Publicize your property

advertise property

A survey conducted by Google itself showed that 90% of all real estate deals start online. Therefore, advertising a property is one of the most important parts of a successful sale.

So if buyers are online, your property must be there too.

Prepare an efficient and strategic ad, with keywords related to the most searched searches and with geolocation, which you can do with a free tool, Google Adwords.

Don't forget to include great photos, of course, that will catch the attention of an interested user.

There are several free real estate portals and websites that can receive your ad, but the tip here is to do as the real estate agencies themselves: they use the better visibility real estate portals, which are paid.

It will cost a little more, but it's a worthwhile investment, because they already have a whole SEO optimization strategy to get more visibility to Google's search engines.

6 - Prepare the property for sale

Property organized

Even with the value of the property up to 15% below the market, some properties can wait up to 1 year for a buyer – which is a loss, especially when it is empty and you have to pay all fees and taxes.

To speed up the process, leave it in the best possible condition.

Thoroughly clean every 30 days and regularly sweep and remove dead insects. Eliminate any signs of mold or leaks by keeping the walls and ceiling painted well at all times while on sale.

If it's decorated, remove anything that might cause controversy, such as religious symbols, football team symbols or political references.

Extra Tips!

Targeted Disclosure 

Today it is no longer possible to bet only, or mainly, on offline media.

Traditional dissemination, in newspapers, magazines and television, is no longer far from the reach of other times. Google's own research shows that 90% of all real estate deals start online.

So if that's where the client is looking for a property in Mooca, that's where your property in Mooca should also be.

On the other hand, advertising is not enough, it is necessary to use several digital tools to reach the right audience in less time, optimizing the entire process.

So, if you want to sell your property in the Mooca region it should appear on the first pages of Google search every time someone does a search.

Therefore,  Etic Imóveis  invests heavily in Digital Marketing and several other strategies so that its customers have the best online visibility.

All advertisements and contents about properties under the responsibility of  Etic Imóveis  are optimized for the search engines of the main search sites. In addition, the entire sale strategy is developed in conjunction with the owner, determining not only the valuation, but also how the property will be advertised.

If even you are taking a long time to  sell property , perhaps the best is to hire a  real estate specialized in the region .

As the sale of real estate is a process full of details, there may be an error in your strategy.

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