Inshare Rattan Corner Sofa Is Perfect in the Garden

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Top quality Rattan Corner Sofa can last anywhere between 5-10 years and sometimes longer if looked after well.

If you choose rattan furniture for your garden you will not be disappointed as it offers many great qualities for long-lasting and durable furniture. Top quality Rattan Corner Sofa can last anywhere between 5-10 years and sometimes longer if looked after well.

One of the huge benefits of rattan patio furniture is that it doesn’t require much maintenance so looking after your furniture is as simple as giving it a wipe down with warm soapy water if it gets dirty. To prevent even having to do this, and make your rattan set require virtually no maintenance, you could purchase a winter cover for your set which will protect it from dirt and droppings.

Another benefit of rattan garden furniture is that it can be left outside all year round without being covered and it will not suffer from weather damage. Rattan furniture is typically made with powder coated aluminium frames which prevent both rust and corrosion, even when exposed to damp conditions or moisture. Top quality rattan, usually made from PE materials, is also 100% weatherproof, this means it is resistant to UV rays and will not fade, it is also waterproof and will not crack or go brittle when exposed to cold conditions such as snow or frost.

Rattan garden furniture is not only extremely practical, proven by its weatherproof and low maintenance qualities, but it is also extremely stylish. Rattan furniture comes in several different colours including brown, grey, black, natural, whitewash, seagrass, and willow, with brown and grey being the most popular. With so many colours to choose from there is something to suit every garden or individual taste.

Links up interior and exterior

The boundaries between outdoors and in have become increasingly blurred and one of the hottest looks is to create a flow between the two environments which is almost seamless. Because rattan is a suitable material for both indoors and out, it's the obvious choice to create this all-encompassing style which allows both the decking and garden furniture to match effortlessly with the furniture inside the home.

Great in damp environments

Rattan is impervious to damp or humid conditions so it's suitable for use in any room in the house. Unlike other types of material, rattan can be used in damp conditions which means you don't have to worry about whether your table, chair or sofa will be damaged by the room's environment. This quality means that you can use rattan in kitchens, conservatories and even bathrooms without causing any damage to the exterior.

Can withstand heavy use

In the past rattan furniture may have been more associated with occasional use, such as in a conservatory or garden only. However, modern furniture is far more robust and is capable of withstanding heavy and regular use. It's therefore just as suitable as lounge furniture as in rooms which are less frequently used.

Natural looking

Although rattan comes in a range of colours, it's perhaps best known for its natural, light wooden-type colour. Although the majority of rattan furniture is synthetic - natural rattan doesn't offer the same advantages - it still looks as natural as the real thing. This light colouring is highly desirable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Won't peel or warp

In damp or humid environments, other types of material can peel or warp, leaving you with the cost of buying a replacement sooner than you had planned. With rattan you don't need to worry about how damp or humid the environment is, your furniture won't peel or warp. This makes it a great investment, and one which will last.

Perfect for families

The robust nature of rattan means that it's the perfect material for use with families. Capable of withstanding heavy use, but comfortable and supportive too, it's a great material for both seating and tables for families. Lightweight enough not to inflict serious damage but heavy enough to be sturdy, rattan is the perfect option whether you're in the dining room or the lounge.

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