Miami Heat in NBA 2K22

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Anyone else who is a fan of NBA 2K22 sneering at the lack of effort or attention that the development team give to the heat team?

Anyone else who is a fan of NBA 2K22 sneering at the lack of Cheap 2K22 MT effort or attention that the development team gives to the heat team? A few examples:

Jimmy Butler's hair remains an afro, but not his latest hairstyle.

Tyler Herro's shot from the jump looks not like the shot real-world shot he makes (can be altered, but it's still a bit annoying).

Yurt's face is simply an unintentionally generated face.

What other weaknesses do you've noticed? I'm not sure what you think, but these little things can make gaming more enjoyable for me while playing in the sun is beating down.

I'm disgusted by Herro's shot the same way. I believe Duncan should have a faster release for his. Strus shot is the worst. We're hoping that with us running more they'll give them a little more speed. I still want his grip to be improved as well. I'm fine with the other things I believe. Jimmy's shot makes money, and often I feel bad as I shoot around 40% from three when Jimmy and me. We play on the HOF.

It's likely that Jimmy's hairstyle was designed months prior to the time the new haircut was released around media day, I believe 2K22 MT Buy. For Tyler's jumper, there are only several shooting animations for the NBA 2K team that has to make. They can't duplicate every shot of a player. The only exceptions are top-tier players and players whose shot animation was created specifically for an NBA 2K game. Yurts are a rookie player, so I don't think they've got any top-quality models designed for his game. I'm not a fan of NBA NBA 2K and don't care to defend it, but I'm simply pointing out what the most rational arguments are behind your comments.